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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about Micropenises

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Recently, historians revealed that while Adolf Hitler was trying to take over the world, he was dealing with a “tiny deformed penis,” as well as one testicle. This news brought to light several questions about the medical deformity known as the micropenis. Because it’s ingrained in men from birth that you have to be a Greek god to be seen as attractive, a lot of guys don’t talk about their smaller than average genitals, which leads to quite a bit of misinformation. We’ve decided to clear up a lot of the noise that’s out there about the microphallus, and hopefully answer some of your burning questions. Here’s everything you need to know about micropenises.
  • What causes a micropenis?

    A micropenis is something that occurs in the womb, and is thought to happen when the male baby’s penis fails to elongate after the first trimester of pregnancy due to a lack of testosterone. There have also been studies that found that a micropenis may be caused by environmental chemicals such as pesticides.
  • What's it like to live with a micropenis?

    In a Salon interview from 2015, a man named Chris describes life with a micropenis as being kind of hard. In school he had to deal with an unusual amount of torment from his schoolmates, and as an adult his ex-wife made mention of his micropenis when she was leaving him. Aside from the sexual aspect of his genitalia, the hardest part about having a micropenis, to Chris, seems to be using a public restroom. A collection of anonymous men on Buzzfeed have described the harrowing experience of having a micropenis as such: "[I] fear I will be single for my entire life," "my girlfriends always break up with me... because they can't marry someone with a micropenis," and "I am afraid to change in front of my teammates because of my small micropenis."
  • How many men have micropenises?

    According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology International, 45% of men believe that they have a small penis, though it's practically impossible that 45% of men have micropenises. In fact, Dr. Joseph Aluka, assistant professor of urology and director of male reproductive health at NYU's Langone Medical Center told Buzzfeed that micropenises are much more rare than that - about one in every 200 men have them. 
  • What do women think about micropenises?

    Because micropenises are not presented as the norm, and in America the phrase "bigger is better" is extolled to the extreme, it can be embarrassing for someone with a micropenis to show their partner for the first time. And yes, there are going to be some people who aren't into a MP, but more often than not, no one cares