Major Things You Probably Didn't Know About Minor 'Harry Potter' Characters

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Author J.K. Rowling's wide wizarding world of Harry Potter is loaded with several intriguing characters. And we're not just talking about the marquee names. Rowling, a world-building maestro, imbued the series with nuanced attention to detail in building out minor characters, too, giving even random classmates and supplemental professors rich characterizations.

Whenever a Luna Lovegood spinoff series does get the green light, we'll all certainly be ready. In the meantime, vote up your favorite interesting factoids about some of the series's more underappreciated figures. 

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    Luna Lovegood Was A Realistic Portrait Artist

    In Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, we discover that Luna Lovegood dabbled in portrait painting in her spare time, to the point where her home was covered in realistic portraits of her pals. The paintings were so life-like they almost appeared to be breathing.

  • The half-goblin Hogwarts Professor of Charms was among the top experts in his field internationally. But he also had a much cooler side hustle, as a high-level duelist, replete with a shelf full of trophies.

  • Long after completing her education and helping save the world while at Hogwarts, Harry Potter's eccentric Dumbledore's Army compatriot Luna Lovegood became a Magizoologist, per J.K. Rowling in a chat. It's fitting, then, that Luna eventually married into the family of historic Magizoologist Newt Scamandar, hero of the continuing Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them prequel film series (and faux writer of the J.K. Rowling-penned book). Luna's eventual husband, Rolf Scamander, was himself a Magizoologist as well.

  • Fleur Delacour, who first arrived at Hogwarts as a visiting contestant in the Triwizard Tournament from France's Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, had a bewitching effect on Ron Weasley instantly, who swears up and down that Fleur is a Veela, a not-quite-human magical creature with the ability to romantically transfix people. "I’m telling you, that’s not a normal girl!" Ron protested to a not-so-secretly jealous Hermione. "They don’t make them like that at Hogwarts!"

    Of course, Ron was right. Fleur was 1/4 Veela, and her charms would eventually be put to use on Ron's cooler big brother Bill.