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20 Things You Didn't Know About My Hero Academia Characters

April 6, 2020 14.4k votes 2k voters 108.3k views20 items

My Hero Academia has an amazing cast of characters that easily capture fans' hearts - but even the biggest fans of the series don't know everything about them. That's because there's a ton of fun facts and bits of trivia about the characters we know and love. What are some things you didn't know about My Hero Academia charactersDid you know that Present Mic is the person responsible coming up with for Aizawa's hero name, Eraserhead? Here's another one you might not know - Endeavor was originally supposed to be a teacher at U.A. High School!

Which bit of info about the My Hero Academia characters took you by surprise?

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    Tamaki's Experiences Were Based On Horikoshi's Own

    Big Three member Tamaki Amajiki is well-known for his extreme anxiety. Apparently, this trait drew from Kohei Horikoshi's own experience facing a massive crowd during the 2017 Jump Fiesta. He also based Tamaki's experience of being a new student and having Mirio approach him with an offer of friendship off his own transfer to a new middle school. 

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    Hawks' Backstory Is Based On A Soccer Player's

    During an interview with Yoritomi, the manga's current editor, he revealed that Hawks' backstory, which has only been hinted at so far, was based on the biography of a soccer player named Lionel Messi.

    "You might be familiar with the overseas soccer player Lionel Messi, but his backstory is that at a young age he was scouted by Barcelona and joined. His father had lost his job and couldn’t afford the hormone medical treatment Messi needed for his illness, but thanks to his talent for soccer FC Barcelona agreed to cover the medical expenses for them. In exchange for receiving that money, Messi had to agree to live in Spain and only play soccer from a very young age.

    During the World Cup I told that story to Mr. Horikoshi. I love soccer and when Mr. Horikoshi found out he started putting on the World Cup whenever I was there waiting for the manuscript and such. While watching it, Mr. Horikoshi himself slowly started getting interested in soccer too, and when I told him about Messi he told me he thought it was an interesting story. The next week, or maybe the week after that, Hawks’ story was born. So it’s kind of a modification, like he kind of wanted to make the other party seem a bit bad, that kind of thing."

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    Bakugo Was Supposed To Be Kind

    Believe it or not, Class 1-A's most hot-tempered student was originally supposed to be a pretty nice guy. Rather than being intentionally aggressive and blatantly arrogant, he was a generally charming person who sometimes made others feel bad without meaning to. Horikoshi scrapped the idea on the grounds that he didn't think it was particularly interesting.

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    Bakugo Is The Oldest, Shoji Is The Youngest In 1-A

    Katsuki Bakugo might not be especially mature, but he is the oldest member of Class 1-A. Because school starts at the beginning of April in Japan, Bakugo's late April birthday means he wouldn't have started high school until he was almost 16. Meanwhile, despite being taller than everyone in the class, Shoji Mezo is the youngest member of class 1-A.

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