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Things You Don't Know About Nadya Suleman, AKA Octomom

Updated August 1, 2019 2.0m views17 items

Despite her stint as a celebrity with 15 minutes of fame, Nadya Suleman (also known as "Octomom") is still a mystery. Hers is a rather twisted tale, but many facts were left out of the sensational accounts of Octomom's scary pregnancy. What really happened to Nadya Suleman both before and after her time in the spotlight is a pop culture nightmare highlighting the negative side of excess. It's not surprising that the general public was worried about this woman's antics.

Here are some disturbing and little known facts about the mom who willingly gave birth to octuplets in 2009.

  • Her Decision To Give Birth To Octuplets Was Deliberate

    According to family members, Suleman was obsessed with having children from a young age. Because she could not have children naturally, all of her pregnancies resulted from in vitro fertilization. Suleman agreed to have 12 fertilized embryos implanted in 2008, completely understanding that this might result in as many as 12 children.

    Although her mother took care of the older children during her hospitalization, Suleman's mother was opposed to her daughter's decision to have so many babies at once. The matriarch vowed to stop taking care of the children when Suleman left the hospital. 

  • Suleman Appeared In A Racy Film To Earn Money

    Suleman wasn't able to support her large family by conventional means. In May 2012, she was paid a substantial amount of money to appear in a solo adult film. The film was her only one, but in July of the same year, Suleman appeared at a club in Miami. She was paid $5,000 to dance in the buff, $200 for each private dance, and $25 for each autograph.

    She appeared at another Florida club on Valentine's Day in 2013. Suleman's actions may have been prompted by the bankruptcy that she filed for in April 2012. 

  • She Was Accused By A Former Nanny Of Failing To Properly Care For Her Children

    One of Suleman's former nannies accused her of harming her children, though a court later threw out the claim. According to the nanny, Suleman wouldn't necessarily strike her children, but she allegedly would restrain them, lock them inside their bedrooms using a barricade, and not step in when the older children would hurt the younger ones. 

    Suleman denied these claims, and a court said there was not enough evidence to support a case. The only time any official agency investigated her was after TMZ acquired a photo of a door being blocked by a chair. 

  • Suleman Financed Her Pregnancy Procedures With Disability Payments

    Questions arose as to how Suleman could have afforded expensive fertility treatments from a Beverly Hills doctor when she was unemployed and receiving public assistance. It turns out that Nadya Suleman has a degree in psychology and was working at Metropolitan State Hospital as a psychiatric social worker before she was injured on the job.

    She began receiving disability payments for the injury in August 2001 and would eventually receive close to $170,000 by August 2008. Suleman claimed to have used this money for medical treatments.    

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