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10 Facts About Nyctophobia, An Extreme Fear Of Night And Darkness

An irrational fear of darkness is known as nyctophobia, and it is far more common and more debilitating than most people realize. While a few credible studies have shed some light on the fear of darkness, little is still known about the pathological background of this condition. Not only does nyctophobia often go undiagnosed and therefore untreated, but those who suffer with a paralyzing fear of night may be too embarrassed to discuss their condition with anyone.

A fear of the dark can be just a serious as any other psychological condition. In fact, this complex condition can lead to the development of other disorders. The symptoms are severe and attack the person on both a physical and mental level. Because of this nyctophobia is considered a dangerous disease, and just the anticipation of nightfall can be enough to trigger symptoms.