Think All Women PMS? Think Again

Whether you're one of the lucky people whose period comes and goes quietly or you suffer in bed with a heating pad, chances are there are a lot of things you never knew about PMS. The truth about premenstrual syndrome is way more complicated than wanting Ben & Jerry's and being bitchy to your roommates. PMS affects folks differently and sometimes it doesn't affect them at all. And it's definitely not like a horror scene out of the movie Carrie

When debunking the myths about PMS, it's important to know PMS doesn't have a standard medical definition, making it all the more vague for doctors to treat and diagnose. In some cases, you could be misdiagnosing your own PMS. There's a lot going on during your monthly cycle, but that doesn't mean that every mood or physical symptom is a result of hormone changes. 

Though PMS is no fun, there are plenty of ways to mitigate the bad parts - and harness the good parts (there are good parts!). In any case, jut be glad you have Midol and tampons. At least you don't have to use an actual rag anymore, right?