Here's What You Need To Know About Raya, The Tinder For Famous People

If you already know about Raya, you're either on it, or you have leaks to thank. This exclusive dating app used by many celebrities was founded in secret in 2015, but it's not quite as shrouded in mystery anymore. There are a lot of things you didn't know about Raya that are finally being revealed, and it turns out that this dating app is an endless source of gossip. Members include everyone from A-list actors to brilliant scientists – basically, anyone you'd be surprised to see on a typical evening scrolling through Tinder.

These facts about Raya illuminate the elite world of online dating, one that its members don't want you to see. This is just a small peek into one of the most secretive apps ever developed. Even though it's notoriously tricky to be accepted as a new user, learning how to use Raya might come in handy. Maybe your shot at fame or big social media break is right around the corner.