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15 Symptoms Of Renfield Syndrome, A Real-Life Vampirism Condition

Have you ever seen a pool of blood and found yourself getting thirsty? Have you ever said “I could eat a horse” and meant it? If so, you may be suffering from Renfield syndrome, a type of clinical vampirism that causes people to think that they’re real vampires, or that they’re running out of their own blood and need to replace it in order to survive.

Renfield (or Renfield's) syndrome comes from the name of Count Dracula's BFF, a raving lunatic who ate insects in the hopes of becoming a member of the undead, but the term is now used to discuss people who think they’re vampires, or who feel a pathological need to drink blood without qualifying themselves as a Universal monster.

This vampire disease afflicts such a small percentage of the population that you probaby don’t have to worry about, but if you enjoy the taste of blood, or you look to real vampires as role models, then you should check out all the symptoms of Renfield disease just to make sure that you don’t need to check yourself into a clinic immediately.

It’s safe to say that every modern vampire who actually drinks blood has some form of Renfield disease. They may not have the full-fledged schizophrenia that some sufferers have, but there is some bugaboo in their brains telling them to suck blood, nonetheless. Keep reading to discover how to spot the signs of Renfield’s disease in you and your friends.