The Story Behind The Only Surgeon In History With A 300% Mortality Rate

Robert Liston was a Scottish surgeon who lived from 1794 to 1847. He is known for being one of the fastest and most effective surgeons in history. He operated at a time when unorthodox medical practices were utilized and when speed was essential because there was no anesthesia. Thus, most of his surgeries, from amputations to the removal of tumors, took less than five minutes to complete. 

Liston is also known for being the only surgeon to ever kill three people while trying to do surgery on one person. After reading some facts about him, you might conclude that surgeon Robert Liston was a menace to society, or you might decide that he was a gift to the medical world. Either way, he certainly left his mark. Read on below to discover some disturbing and intriguing facts about the Scottish surgeon.