22 Fun Facts You May Not Know About the Creator of Dilbert

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To say Dilbert captures the essence of office life is an understatement. Dilbert doesn't depict office life, it is office life. Creator Scott Adams has managed to capture all the awkward, absurd, and hilarious circumstances of banal office routine for 27 years; if you've ever work in an office, you've lived through most of what you read in Dilbert.  

But just who is Scott Adams, really? Messiah? Dude with a pen? This list of trivia and facts about the man behind Dilbert is sure to fill in blanks, giving you a fully realized understanding of the man, the myth, the legend. 
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    He Is A Trained Hypnotist

    Photo: SFGate
    When he was in his 20s, Adams enrolled in the Pierre Clement School of Hypnosis. He explains the reasoning behind this decision on his blog: "When I was a kid, my family doctor was a hypnotist. He hypnotized my mom before she gave birth to my little sister. Mom reports that she felt no discomfort during the birth, despite being awake and having no drugs. That story had a big impact on me."
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    He Is the CEO Of Adams Foods, Inc

    Photo: Wikipedia
    Adams Foods Inc produced the Dilberito, a microwavable vegan burrito. Adams also dabbles in the restaurant business; he co-owns Stacey's Cafe in California. Unfortunately, as of 2016, the Dilberito is out of production, and the company's website is a blog about "the high costs of our legal system." 
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    His Old Boss Suggested the Name Dilbert

    Photo: mheisel / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    When asked about the origins of character names during a Reddit ama, Adams admitted Dilbert was suggested by his former boss.

    "The name Dilbert was suggested by my old boss at the phone company. Later, I learned he had seen (but not recalled at the time) a WWII era comic of that name."
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    He Is Vegetarian

    Photo: Adams Foods Inc
    Adams went vegetarian in his early 30s after eating a particularly bad plate of chicken chow mein. In an interview with Famous Veggie, Adams speaks of the many benefits of going vegetarian, and how much healthier he feels since the switch. He founded Adams Foods Inc after going vegetarian, and created the Dilberito, a microwavable burrito, two flavors of which are vegan. 
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