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14 Disgusting Facts About Sea Lampreys, The Killer Parasite Fish With 100 Teeth

The depths of the sea are riddled with mystifying wonders and bizarre ocean creatures. While most sea creatures are only terrifying in appearance, there are some ugly ocean creatures that are frightening because of their hostile nature. The sea lamprey is one such creature.

An invasive species, the prehistoric sea lamprey has an eel-like body and corrosive suction cup mouth. It is a parasitic nuisance to the various aquatic regions it inhabits within the United States and Canada. A sudden increase in sea lampreys during the 1940s greatly threatened and endangered a significant number of commercial fisheries throughout the Great Lakes because of their destructive feeding habits. Some interesting facts about sea lampreys not only concern their hematophagous feeding behaviors but also their overall biology. Prepare yourself for an underwater expedition to learn some scary sea lamprey facts that will terrify and educate you on this strange and destructive ocean creature.