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Borderline Terrifying Facts About The Shoebill Bird

It's common for scientists to publish some report that says dinosaurs and birds had a lot in common physically. For some people, that might make dinos seem less terrifying. But in some cases, it makes birds seem a little scarier. One example is the shoebill stork, a species that many consider the scariest bird to walk the planet.

If you’re looking for a modern-day dinosaur, then the elusive shoebill stork might be the closest you'll get. The shoebill bird is native to the marshes of East Africa. It's a masterful hunter and endangered species, but it's also a frightening creature to the inhabitants of the lands it occupies. If you want to understand just how bone-chillingly terrifying nature can be, then here are some reasons why the shoebill stork is a scary bird that you'd never want to encounter.