Slab City Is An Off-Grid Desert City, And Its Residents Claim It's The Last Free Place In America

Slab City is unlike any other city in the United States. Its residents - a term used loosely to describe a group of people with not much in common beyond their physical location in Slab City - call it "the last free place in America." However, outsiders might wonder, "What is Slab City?"

To the uninitiated, it looks like a weird, rundown, tiny town. But for the people who call Slab City home, it's a refuge. The people who inhabit Slab City range from families who ran out of luck to couples who volunteered to move off the grid. They are anyone from fugitives to former lawyers and construction workers.

The people of Slab City live on the former military site in their tents, cars, buses, and RVs. And now, the freedoms of Slab City are threatened not only by the criminals who take advantage of the city's lawlessness but also the fact that California wants to sell Slab City, threatening the nomadic and houseless people who found a home in the often hot and beautiful sunburned garbage infested city without rules.