Interesting The Craziest Facts You Never Knew About Sleeping  

Coy Jandreau
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How much do you really know about sleep and sleeping? We're living in a time with Siri, that Amazon Echo thing, and whatever Vine is, yet we're still studying the science of sleep. Sleep incredibly mysterious and important to your health and well-being - so much so that we're still studying it like it's an ancient and powerful magic. It's something we all do every day and is more vital to our mental and physical well-being than eating - but what should you know about sleep? How much should you sleep? What other sleep facts should all humans keep in mind when head hits the pillow?

You'd think something we spend years doing would be pretty well-established by now, but it's not. Every year we discover new facts about sleep, why we do it, and how it affects us. We've made more advances in our knowledge of sleep in the last 25 years than in all prior years, but there's still much more digging to do.

We're still, to this day, not 100% sure why we sleep. But let's dive into the facts we do know. All of the crazy sleeping facts that the every day person probably doesn't realize. It's time for learning - you can nap later.

Lack of Sleep Could Shorten Your Life and Make You Fat

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Consistently getting less than six hours of sleep a night can dramatically shorten one's lifespan. Even just a week of sleep deprivation can cause you to gain two pounds of fat in one week! Lack of sleep also causes food cravings, especially for sugary or salty foods, and for larger portions.

Source: Fact Slides

You'll Never Dream About Someone You Haven't Already Seen

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We can only dream about faces we've already seen (anywhere - in a photo, on television, in a crowd), whether we actively remember them or not. Every face you've ever dreamed about you have seen at some point in your life.

Source: Lifehack

If You Feel Drowsy, You're Most Likely Sleep Deprived

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Sleep experts say that if someone feels drowsy during the day, even during boring activities, they haven't had enough sleep. Additionally, if a person falls asleep in less than five minutes after lying down, they are suffering from severe sleep deprivation. It should take you anywhere from 10-15 minutes to fall asleep - if you're crashing as soon as you hit the pillow then you need to be getting more shut eye.

Source: Random History

Sleep Is a Wonderful Memory Aid

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It's been proven time and time again that sleeping right after you learn something can drastically improve your ability to retain the new information.

Source: Business Insider