The Craziest Facts You Never Knew About Sleeping

How much do you really know about sleep? We live in a time of Siri, the Amazon Echo, and Snapchat, yet we still study the science of sleep. Sleep remains incredibly mysterious and important to our health and well-being - meaning we're still studying it like it's an ancient and powerful magic. It's something we do every day and is more vital to our mental and physical health than eating - but what should you know about sleep? How much should you sleep each night? What other sleep facts should people keep in mind when their head hits the pillow?

You'd think something we spend years of total time doing would be well-established by now, but it's not. Every year, we discover new facts about sleep, from why we do it to how it affects us. Science has made more advances in our knowledge of sleep in the last 25 years than in all prior years, but there's still much more digging left.

We're still, to this day, not 100% sure why we sleep. But let's dive into the facts we do know. All of the crazy sleeping facts the average person probably doesn't realize. It's time for learning - you can nap later.