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Everything We Know About The Third Season Of 'Stranger Things'  

Jacob Shelton
July 25, 2018 24.4k views 18 items

The third season of Stranger Things is set to debut July 4, 2019, but there are already lots of hints about how things may go down. Netflix released a teaser featuring a new mall, which is about to make Hawkins even more interesting. The Stranger Things trailer is light on facts and heavy on Easter eggs offering insight into what’s coming in this next installment of the show. The new mall has a role to play, but what other hints does the teaser offer?

Stranger Things showrunners and actors have let tasty morsels slip about Stranger Things Season 3 in various interviews, but the comments are just a piece of the story. We’ve pieced together everything there is to know (for now) about the third season of Stranger Things by digging deeper into quotes, hints from the teaser and a few well-thought-out fan theories.

Coca-Cola Is Bringing Back New Coke Because Of 'Stranger Things'
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Coca-Cola is going to re-release a failed product from the '80s thanks to it's placement in Stranger Things season 3. In 1985, the company created a new recipe called New Coke that received poor reviews and was pulled from shelves after only a few months. Thanks to the Duffer Brothers supernatural hit, however, the marketing team for the legendary beverage brand has dug into their archives and plans to sell New Coke for a limited time in 2019.

There are under 500,000 bottles being produced and only three ways to obtain them: "As a gift when [you] buy limited-edition Stranger Things Coke and Coke Zero Sugar glass bottles online, through Stranger Things themed pop up vending machines that will be in cities this summer, or as a giveaway when [you] purchase a gift or ticket at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta."

Of the Coca-Cola/Netflix partnership, Stuart Kronauge, senior vice president of marketing for Coca-Cola North America said, "This is a cultural innovation."

The "Summer in Hawkins" Teaser Drops Hints About The Series Aesthetic
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On May 20, 2019, Netflix dropped a brief teaser that showcases what life is like for Hawkins' residents in the summer of 1985. Billy steps up on lifeguard duty at the public pool, and the local moms seem to be enjoying their time more than anyone else. Unfortunately, the legendary group of Hawkins kids at the center of the story are nowhere to be seen in this trailer. 

The Official Trailer Reveals A Sneak Peak At A New Monster
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The official trailer for season 3 debuted on March 20, 2019. The cast is all grown up and ready to face the latest Demogorgon-style monster that awaits them. The trailer reveals new cast members, a full 1985 summer mall rat overtone, a socially adapted Eleven, and the latest stranger thing that the kids have to face. 

The Eight Episode Titles Tease Possible Breakups And A Mall Battle
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Stranger Things has released all eight episode titles for the Season 3 arc, and they offer a speculative tease of the drama to come. The first, “Suzie, Do You Copy?" is an immediate question mark since nobody by that name has appeared in the show.

The other episode titles (in order) are "The Mall Rats," "The Case Of The Missing Lifeguard," "The Sauna Test," "The Source," "The Birthday," "The Bite," and "The Battle Of Starcourt." It's already clear the theme of teenage mall life in 1985 will play a role, but "The Battle of Starcourt" indicates the season may culminate in an epic conflict in this new space. 

Additionally, one writer pointed out "The Mall Rats" may be a nod to Kevin Smith's movie Mallrats, in which two characters spend time at the mall after being dumped by their respective love interests.