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Here's Why The Tardigrade Is The Incredible Hulk Of The Animal Kingdom

One of the most remarkable creatures known to science is a miniscule, and some would even say "cute," aquatic creature with a snub nose and four pairs of legs - the tardigrade. These little creatures - sometimes called water bears - are incredibly strong, incredibly resilient to environmental extremes, and virtually immortal, essentially making them the Incredible Hulk of animals. Technically considered a "micro-animal," these microscopic animals have been found in some of the harshest environments on earth. 

Everyday scientists are discovering more amazing facts about tardigrades, and only now are they beginning to understand what makes these little critters so incredible. One of the most incredible things about water bears is the implications that their biology might one day benefit humanity, making them one of science's hottest topics. Check out these astonishing facts about the amazing tardigrade.