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Some Believe The 'Elevator Game' Could Send Them To Another Dimension

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Creepy paranormal games alleging to grant you access to the spirit realm have existed for centuries. Thus, games like "Bloody Mary" and "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board," as well as Ouija board seances are rites of passage for most adolescents. In the age of the internet - with websites like Reddit - ready at our fingertips, people can easily share cautionary tales about supernatural games, engage in discussions, and - of course - attempt to play.

The "Elevator Game" can purportedly grant you access to other dimensions, making bad things likely to happen if played incorrectly. In fact, some people believe this game is responsible for some mysterious disappearances - including that of a young woman named Elisa Lam.

So if you're thinking about playing the Elevator Game, take note of these cautionary rules first.

  • How To Play The Game (Though You Probably Shouldn't)

    You shouldn't take your chances by playing this game, but for the curious, these are supposedly the rules:

    First, the [prospective player] must choose a building with at least 10 accessible floors, and locate an elevator that can be used without anyone else trying to get on it at the same time. The player will then enter the elevator from the first floor - but absolutely must be completely alone.

    Once in the elevator, the player must visit each of the following floors in exactly this order, pressing the next button just after arriving at each: four, two, six, two, 10, five, one.

    Upon pressing the button to once again return to the first floor, if the elevator begins to move up instead of down, then the ritual has been successful and the next floor the player arrives at will be the portal to another dimension. However, if the elevator obeys and begins descending to the first floor, the player must exit the elevator and the building as quickly as possible and not - for any reason - look back.

  • A Woman Might Enter The Elevator At The Fifth Floor - But Do Not Acknowledge Her

    When playing the Elevator Game, there is a good chance a woman will try to enter the elevator when the doors open at the fifth floor. If this happens, the player should not look at, speak with, or otherwise acknowledge the woman.

    People who reportedly spoke with or glanced at the woman said she quickly became hostile, with one player taunted so aggressively she attacked the unknown woman. Another player began dreaming about the woman, with her getting progressively closer to him in the dream each night. 

    Only one player has claimed the woman assisted them in remembering how to get home, though allegedly, she now continues to haunt them to this day.

  • Players Who Make It To The Other Dimension Will Meet A Red Cross And Darkness

    If the ritual carries out properly, the 10th floor should have a cast of darkness and a faint red glow will enter nearby windows. Some players report the red glow comes from a cross-like structure in the distance which they can never get close enough to see clearly, while others say there is no cross, only the glow

    However, nearly all players describe how they are completely alone in this other dimension, with the woman from the fifth floor (if she entered the elevator) refusing to explore with them. Some also report it is incredibly dark and the heavy air is suffocating.

  • Many Things Can Go Wrong In The Other Dimension

    Photo: jamalfanaian / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    Players who choose to exit the elevator at the 10th floor believe walking in a straight line makes it easier to return to the correct elevator door to go home, but some sources say this isn't the case. Many people brave enough to exit the elevator have reported how the closer they walked back toward the elevators, the farther away they seemed to get. 

    While others claim the air becomes unbearably thick, causing them to become disoriented and have trouble discerning similar elevator doors.