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Everything We Know About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Updated December 11, 2017 13.2k views15 items

Facts about The Last Jedi are a little hard to come by. Sure, there are plenty of fan theories, but most of what we know about the movie comes from the few short trailers. This is intentional, as the good people at Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Studios have made a concerted effort to avoid spoilers. Even the actual plot of The Last Jedi is somewhat of a mystery at this point, as The Force Awakens left several unanswered questions.

Fortunately, for those individuals who just cannot delay gratification long enough to see the movie before having their burning questions answered (i.e., virtually everybody), there is some information out there about what we can expect from the film – a major contributor being Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know by DK Books.

As you can imagine, there are some (mild?) spoilers ahead, so if you want to remain completely in the dark, do your best Chirrut impression now. For the rest of you writhing in anticipation, read on to uncover everything there is to know about Star Wars: Episode VIII. 

  • Director And Writer Rian Johnson Was Given A Surprising Amount Of Creative Freedom

    Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd.

    At this point, it should come as no surprise to any fan keeping close tabs on the project that Disney is a fan of writer and director Rian Johnson. After all, Johnson is slated to write and direct another, separate Star Wars trilogy distinctly set apart from the main saga. That said, it is still somewhat shocking to hear that Johnson was given near-complete autonomy on set, stating that no one dictated even a single plot point in the film. 

    After the behind the scenes drama that occurred on the sets of both Solo and Rogue One, it is easy to see why Disney is being pegged (at least by fans) as a controlling, over-protective studio. However, this news from the filmmaker certainly flies in the face of that belief. 

  • Luke Is Searching For The First Jedi Temple On Ahch-To

    Luke is on Ahch-To and has been for many years. But he's not just there by coincidence. Something of great import is located on the planet – First Jedi temple. Whether he's seeking it for good or ill, however, is a matter of debate.

    Despite the fact that no one is capable of locating Ahch-To in The Force Awakens, it turns out it was rather nearby all along. It's actually in the inner rim territories of the galaxy, close to such familiar planets as Naboo, Dagobah, and Hoth. This was discovered by an enterprising Redditor who translated the Aurebesh on the astronomical map seen at the end of Episode VII. Impressive.

  • Rey Isn't Just Training With Luke

    While Rey is, indeed, trying to learn the ways of the Force under Luke's tutelage, her main goal is to bring the fabled Jedi back to the rebellion. What's more, her role will be further developed as she'll take an active role in searching for the first Jedi temple with Luke, uncovering forgotten truths about Force users.

  • We'll Learn More About Rey's Past

    Rey's backstory has been a point of conversation and speculation for audiences since the debut of The Force Awakens. Fans are curious as to the heroine's mysterious background, and, as a result, theories are littered across internet threads and comment sections. 

    However, in an interview with GQ, Adam Driver referenced his on-screen adversary, calling her a "princess" in hiding. 

    "I remember the initial conversations about having things ‘skinned’, peeling away layers to evolve into other people, and the person Kylo’s pretending to be on the outside is not who he is. He’s a vulnerable kid who doesn’t know where to put his energy, but when he puts his mask on, suddenly, he’s playing a role. JJ had that idea initially and I think Rian took it to the next level.

    You have, also, the hidden identity of this princess who’s hiding who she really is so she can survive and Kylo Ren and her hiding behind these artifices."

    This is certainly no confirmation as to Rey's origins, but it is suggestive and exciting nonetheless.