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14 Unbelievable True Stories About Misha Collins

August 25, 2020 11.1k views14 items

Actor Misha Collins is perhaps best known for playing the angel Castiel on CW's long-running series Supernatural. As Cas, Collins aids the Winchester brothers through the paranormal. As a father, husband, and friend, Collins remains a guiding light for his countless fans.

Misha Collins's life story is full of surprises (such as his real name, Dmitri Krushnic). Collins dealt with poverty and plenty of hardships while growing up in Boston, but these days, Collins uses his troubled past to inspire others to make the world a more equitable and entertaining place. To quote the man himself, "I want to live in a world where 'normal' is an insult."

  • Photo: Supernatural / The CW

    He Grew Up Homeless

    Misha Collins spent much of his childhood in Boston living a nomadic lifestyle with his mother and younger brother. When his mother lacked the finances to put a roof over her family's head, they often squatted in the woods. 

    "I remember what it's like to be a homeless kid wishing for a warm, safe place to sleep," Collins shared on Facebook. Young Collins knew how to hitchhike and steal food by the time he was in kindergarten.

    Even when they were homeless, Collins's mother made sure her sons were well-fed. "When my family lived in a tent in the woods, we used an old galvanized tub filled with cool water as our refrigerator," Collins wrote in a New York Times parenting article. "We fashioned pantry shelves from corrugated sheet metal lashed to two young maple trees, and my mother developed a method for making her signature mushroom frittata in the coals of our campfire."

  • He's Responsible For A Strange Rule On A Bus Line

    When Collins and his brother were young, they took monthly bus trips to visit their father on the other side of Massachusetts. Unattended and rambunctious, the siblings would inevitably get into trouble during the three-hour trip. The cause, according to Collins, was the actor's propensity for tormenting and annoying his little brother. "For instance," Collins recalled at DC Con, "I'd take a tube of toothpaste that fell out of someone's bag and rub it all over him."

    After multiple drivers were forced to pull over their buses and deal with the misbehaving children, the bus line eventually implemented a new rule: No two children can travel alone together on the same bus. At that point, the brothers relied on rides from their mom or hitchhiking to get around.

  • Photo: Supernatural / The CW

    He Was Arrested For Reading On The Rooftop Of A Bank

    At a Supernatural convention, Collins told fans about a hilarious incident from his college days. While walking around one night, Collins thought it would be a good idea to read a book on the roof of a bank. After climbing the fire escape and getting cozy with his copy of Watership Down, Collins noticed a helicopter flying overhead. Before he knew it, he was being arrested for attempting to rob the bank.

    Collins later admitted reading a book on the roof of a bank wasn't such a good idea:

    Oh, I actually was on the ground, my face in the ground, and handcuffs on and "Oh, no no no, I was just reading my novel," which doesn’t make sense. Like why do you go up onto the roof of a bank to read a novel at midnight?

  • He Interned At The White House Under President Clinton

    While studying social theory at the University of Chicago, Collins spent four months interning at the White House during the fall of 1994 under President Bill Clinton. Collins worked in the Office of Presidential Personnel.

    At the height of the scandal between President Clinton and former intern Monica Lewinsky, Collins (still using his birth name, Dmitri Krushnic) published an article in The Chicago Tribune about his experiences at the White House. Collins criticized negative depictions of Lewinsky in the media, claiming all interns maintained an infatuated, star-struck attitude toward the president.