Human Body This Guy Born With Two Penises Describes What Life Is Like With Two Wangs  

Erin Wisti
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Diphallia, a rare and little-known developmental abnormality, causes a human male to be born with an extra penis. In a world where people erect monuments in honor of man meat, a man with two penises might as well be the second coming of Christ. A genetic rarity, a man born with two penises is a one in 5.5 million chance, and even then they're not guaranteed their tools will be symmetrical. If you ever wondered what it's like to have two penises, you're in luck. A Reddit user with diphallia posted an AMA inviting people to ask questions about his condition, saving you the risk of Googling such graphic topics yourself. 

The man with two pensises provides candid answers to a wide range of questions, and his AMA turned him into a bit of an Internet phenomenon. With all the press he's getting, he may one day qualify among the largest celebrity penises. From masturbation techniques to the difficulties of buying underwear, he responds with wit, humor, and enthusiasm. His answers will teach you everything you didn't know you wanted to know about life with two penises, and will definitely put him in the annals of famous penises from history.

The Condition Elicits Both Terror And Pleasure From Sexual Partners

I've been in a serious relationship with a girl and a guy for a while now. I call it monogamous because we are exclusive. She enjoys it. The three girls before her enjoyed it. It's sort of made a few run screaming in the past. Usually the ones I get to know well before we date are cool with it. I don't talk about it otherwise. Like, if I'm not going to have sex with you, you wont know I've got two d***s. 

Locker Room Reactions Are Sometimes Hilarious

What's the best reaction to someone seeing your double dick?

Hunky muscle dude at a gym I was at. I was working out in my jockstrap and shorts and the shorts were very baggy and loose. I fell out of my jock on either side and somehow he noticed. He asked me in the locker room if he could please see them. I asked him, "Are you gay or something?" He said, "No, but I think I am now." It was great.

Public Restrooms Are An Understandably Awkward Experience

I generally avoid public bathrooms and, if I do use one, I try to use the stall and not a wall urinal. There have been times where I've had to use the urinal and, because I have one muscle that controls my piss, it lets the stream flow out both my d***s. So, unless I pinch off one of them, it comes out both, and that doesn't feel good. So I have to take both out to pee.

Yeah, I've gotten stares and even had a few guys at various times go, "Holy s***."

He Needs To Masturbate Frequently For Medical Reasons

My prostate gets inflamed if I don't ejaculate enough. I'm probably the only guy with a legit reason to orgasm at least once every day or two days. My prostate gets stimulation from both cocks and creates a lot of seminal fluid, so when I c** it has to be squeezed every few days to get all the excess out. Otherwise, it feels bloated and painful.