Weirdly Interesting The Radioactive Boy Scout Tried To Build A Nuclear Reactor In His Mom's Backyard  

Rebecca High

In 1996, a boy scout single-handedly shut down his neighborhood and sent Clinton Township, Michigan, into panic mode, all with a backyard science experiment.

Decades later, David Hahn is still known as the "radioactive boy scout" because of his childhood experiments attempting to create a light bulb that would burn for 100 years. 

After reports that Hahn was seen with a group of other local youths stealing tires, police raided his home and discovered an obscene amount of radioactive radiation in Hahn's backyard. They sealed it immediately and reported it to the EPA, causing an uproar in the community.

Hahn hasn't stopped his quest, and he's often been found resorting to nefarious means to try to hatch his ideas. Watch this video for more about the unconventionally fascinating life of the radioactive boy scout.