Weird History

Why Watergate Was More Insane Than Any Political Drama on TV


The world has never been more interested in political dramas. Shows like House of Cards and American Crime Story seem to dominate viewers' minds and discussions of late. Countless political documentaries are burning up Netflix. And that’s to say nothing of the very real, very dramatic political escapades that are currently going on in the actual White House. However, the best political drama in American history is already long since in the rearview mirror. The scandal surrounding the Watergate break-in, and the subsequent cover-up and investigation that followed it, included the kind of dramatics that would put even Frank Underwood to shame.


What started with a seemingly simple burglary at the Watergate Hotel soon spiraled into a complex and convoluted conspiracy that reached all the way to the president at the time, Richard Nixon. It was mainly the dogged reporting of two young Washington Post reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, that unraveled the whole thing, and in doing so they brought down an entire administration. Their book on the subject, All The President’s Men, has all the markings of a political thriller novel but, best of all, it actually happened. Even the highlights of the story are enough to send one’s head spinning.