The Strange Story Behind The Wonder Ball, The American Kinder Surprise Egg Of The '90s

If you grew up in the 1990s, chances are you encountered the Wonder Ball, at some point or another. But in the early 2000s, the small candy-filled chocolate sphere disappeared from store shelves, and fans of the treat were horrified. Some people still want to know: what happened to the Wonder Ball? Are the fun little edibles doomed to the same fate as so many discontinued-but-still-beloved treats, like Jell-O Pudding Pops and Butterfinger BBs?

Fortunately, Wonder Balls are making a comeback. The product reinvented itself more than once, but a 2013 movie appearance may have given the Wonder Ball enough staying power to stick around this time. And more than one '90s kid will rejoice as a whole new generation of candy lovers are introduced to this one of a kind yummy toy.

These candy facts will certainly surprise you.

  • Wonder Balls Were Supposedly A Choking Hazard

    The miniature plastic toys in Nestle's first Wonder Ball caused so many problems. Both customers and rival candy companies felt the chocolate treat presented a major choking hazard for little ones. Public pressure was intense, so Nestle understandably gave in to the concerns.

  • No One Ever Died From Choking On A Wonder Ball

    Whether or not the choking concerns were legitimate, apparently, no one has ever died from choking on a Wonder Ball prize. The concern alone was enough to stop the first Nestle reincarnation of the product. The SpongeBob themed Wonder Ball was released in 2004. There were rumors that a child choked on the candy inside, though, prompting the Wonder Ball's demise yet again. There has, however, never been a confirmed case of anyone choking on any parts of the Nestle candy.

  • Wonder Ball Finally Made A Comeback

    After vanishing for 12 long years, the Wonder Ball made its first successful comeback. In 2016, the product was released in conjunction with animated movie Despicable Me 2. The little chocolate ball held Minion-shaped candies, but it proved popular enough to warrant  more themes. Wonder Balls are back, and fans are thrilled.

  • People Launched Petitions And Crowdfunding Campaigns To Support The Wonder Ball

    You may be surprised at how many Wonder Ball fans there are. While the product was missing in action, countless people tried to bring it back. They signed petitions, started Facebook groups, and launched crowdfunding campaigns, all to get their hands on waxy chocolate balls filled with chalky candy.

  • Wonder Ball Tried Multiple Times To Regain Popularity

    Nestle first started making Wonder Balls in the early 1990s, filling the chocolate spheres with miniature toys or other small trinkets like fake-gold coins. But by 1997, enough people mentioned safety concerns about the product that Nestle discontinued production. In 2000, the company attempted to relaunch the ball, this time removing the potentially dangerous toys. The revamp never caught on, though. Neither did the 2004, SpongeBob themed reboot.

  • The Candy Was Filled With Toys And More Candy

    The first Nestle version of the Wonder Ball contained small plastic toys. The second Nestle version, created after numerous consumer lodged complaints, replaced the toy with hard, tart candies similar to Sweet Tarts. The latest version comes with a collectible sticker as well.