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15 Spooky Facts People Don't Know About The Practice Of Reading Crystal Balls

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Knowledge is power, particularly in the "information age" we are living in, and while people worldwide have access to more accumulated knowledge than at any time in human history, there is still a desire for secret knowledge. This is hidden information not available to the mainstream or even to our own senses. For this sort of knowledge, untold millions seek out alternative methods of acquiring information, from meditation and prayer, to divination, fortune telling and seances.

One of the oldest methods still being utilized to gain access to this hidden knowledge is crystal ball gazing, the practice of staring into a crystal ball, or orbuculum, in a trance-like state to see visions of the past, the future, or even into the minds of others. In modern times, celebrities, politicians and even royalty have been known to consult mystic seers for insight. Can crystal balls tell the future? That's up to you to decide.

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