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Facts About Famous Power Couples That Made Us Say 'Whoa'

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When two famous people get together, the public is bound to be fascinated. And since successful types often attract other successful types, power couples throughout history are plentiful. Some of these dynamic duos catapulted into the spotlight together, while others were big names independently first. But whether they're celebrities, politicians, or even criminals, their romances took the world by storm.

Of course, not all love lasts forever, and power couples are no exception. Some of these pairs continue to be #CoupleGoals, some broke up, and others did the on-again, off-again dance. Since all of their love stories unfolded in the public eye, it's easy to assume you know more about these couples than you do your own parents. But these surprising facts give a glimpse behind the curtain of these fabled romances. Ranging from the super cute to the super bizarre, read on for some fascinating tidbits about power couples throughout time.