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Here's Just How Wrong Jurassic Park Is About Dinosaurs

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Another day, another lie from Hollywood. Inaccuracies in the Jurassic Park movies abound, and the biggest scientific errors glare at you with the intensity of a T.rex staring down two kids trapped in a car. As crazy as it sounds, Steven Spielberg never tackled the film with the intent a National Geographic-worthy film. From the original movies and pre-glam Laura Dern to Bryce Dallas Howard running from a dinosaur in heels (seriously, when will women in movies wear reasonable shoes?), the popular film saga takes plenty of artistic liberties when it comes to even the simplest dinosaur facts. The biggest scientific errors in Jurassic Park sound surprising, until you recall most sci-fi movies employ bad science.

The Jurassic Park series plays the same game, adding traits to dinosaurs that range from bada** (venom spitting) to bizarre (sneezing). But inaccuracies in these films include more than just what Jurassic Park gets wrong about dinosaurs; their "rules" on fossils and genetics unravel faster than strands of DNA encased in amber (yep, even the insects lied in this film). But don't let the Jurassic Park movies's sci-fi lies get you down. The world will always have Chris Pratt's abs... unless those were CGI, too.

  • 5. Dilophosaurus Exhibited Abilities It Likely Never Possessed

    Video: YouTube

    As exciting as a venom-spitting dinosaur sounds, no one knows if the dilophosaurus actually spit any venom. Being 20 feet long, the dinosaur probably killed prey easily enough without venom. As for the frilly neck that looked like a bizarre version of an Elizabethan collar - again, it grew to be 20 feet long, so it's not like it needed to appear bigger or scarier.

    However, the dilophosaurus did hail from the Jurassic period, so at least the producers nailed that part.

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  • 6. Brachiosaurs Didn't Sneeze

    Video: YouTube

    Brachiaosaurs do not stand up on their back legs like a dog begging for a treat. As adorable as this scene looks, the top-heavy dino would likely topple over if it tried. These huge dinosaurs (to the tune of 62 tons and at least 82 feet long) would never climb hills, let alone stand up to eat. When you stand as tall as a four-story building, you don't need to stand on your hind legs.

    Also, let's talk about the sneezing for a sec. Sauropods probably did not sneeze, as the pressure could make their heads explode after it traveled up that four-story neck. Definitely a sad thought, but maybe one worth incorporating into the next film.

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  • 7. All The Dinos Are Missing A Key Feature: Feathers

    Photo: ToastyKen / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    A noticeable problem in all of the Jurassic movies would be that none of the dinosaurs are shown with feathers. Recent evidence excavated in Siberia suggests all dinosaurs, not just some, sported feathers. A two-legged dinosaur fossil dating back to 160 million years ago in the Jurassic period indicates that feathers existed in more than just avian-like/winged dinosaurs; it's more likely that feathers existed much longer than previously thought. The fossils turned up in what used to be a lake bed; ash from volcanic eruptions preserved their skeletons as well as their feathers.

    To be fair, the Siberian fossil turned up two decades after the first film, so this gaffe can slide a little bit.

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  • 8. The Triceratops Poop Was Not Realistic

    Before Laura Dern became classy as all hell in Big Little Lies, she dug through Triceratops poop in Jurassic Park. Talk about coming a long way, huh folks?

    However, the pile of poop is big, like the size of the dinosaur itself. Despite Ellie Satler's willingness to plunge her arm into poop, a true expert knows this prehistoric feces are a pile of BS. If you want to see what prehistoric poop really looked like, check out some pictures of coprolites (the fancy name for fossilized crap) here. Sadly, no coprolites ever matched the size of dinosaurs. 

    One of the original producers, however, tells debunkers to "get a life." The guy has a point. 

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