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People Describe The Fads That Became So Popular, Their Schools Had To Ban Them

Updated September 27, 2019 159.9k views20 items

There's nothing that can induce a nice dose of childhood nostalgia quite like a collection of fads banned in schools. Remember the days when virtually anything, no matter how ordinary, could quickly turn into the newest school obsession? From ordinary pieces of paper folded into tiny footballs to slap bracelets just waiting to attack an unsuspecting wrist, anything was fair game for the latest schoolyard trend. 

Here the people of Reddit share some of the biggest school fads that got so popular, the administration considered them totally out of control. Get ready for a trip down memory lane as you lament the bans of popular school fads such as Pogs and DIY paper fortune tellers. If you're lucky enough to still be in school yourself, then get out your notebook and get ready for a list of fun ideas you definitely didn't hear from us.

  • Gel Pen Tongue Dyeing

    From Redditor ChilloutBurner:

    When I was in primary school there was this weird trend where all the girls would suck on the ends of gel pens so their tongues turned into different colours. They would trade pens with each other in the school bathrooms and sneak away from the teachers and go to hidden parts of the school yard so they didn't get caught, it was the closest I can think of comparing to a drug ring but imagine it with 7 year old girls.

  • Patriotic Tackling Games

    From Redditor party20barty:

    There was a game called "Get Down Mr. President" where everyone in an area would put their fingers to their ears like the secret service and the last person to do it would be tackled. It could start at any moment and would end up in a dogpile in the hall.

  • Random Applause

    From Redditor zapataforever:

    I am a teacher. A few years ago we had to ban applause. The kids would randomly start a round of applause and just... keep going. It was unnerving. It was disrupting lessons, assemblies. Sometimes they would applause in the dining hall or corridors. Still don’t know how this trend started or why.

  • The Elementary School Version Of Gangs

    From Redditor Sat-jerker:

    In elementary school my class was divided in two groups: Penguins and rats. We would always go to our group for team assignments, for games, for anything really. Somehow an actual rivalry started to sprout until the whole school was divided in these two groups, with first and second years getting into actual fights and stuff. Pretty soon the principal cancelled recess for a day and went to each classroom to tell us penguin team and rat team were banned. Others did create some smaller animal named groups after that but they all dissolved pretty quickly.