14 Times Heroes Tried To Rescue Someone And Only Made Things Worse

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Have you ever sat down and thought about the worst movie rescues? No, of course you haven't. That isn't something normal people would just ruminate on in their free time! Thankfully, we're not normal, and we couldn't help but reflect on some dubious attempts to help people out of a jam.

Like when the Mystery Men accidentally killed Captain Amazing instead of breaking him free. Or when Hancock successfully saved a man from being run over by a train by, um, causing the entire train to be derailed. Or when Ian Malcolm tried to distract an already distracted dinosaur with a flare in Jurassic Park. Sometimes, a rescue attempt ends up causing more damage in the long run.

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    Will Tries To Cure His Father's Alzheimer's Disease And Unwittingly Spreads A Plague In 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'

    A title like Rise of the Planet of the Apes kind of gives it all away from the jump, yeah? By the end of the film, a "Planet of the Apes" will be on the rise in one form or another, it's just a matter of how we're going to get there. The Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy all comes down to a scientist desperately searching for a cure for Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Will Rodman's father has the ailment and it is slowly but surely sapping him of crucial brain function over time. Will refuses to stand by and watch this happen.

    Of course, by the time his clinical trials are done, it will be far too late for Will's father to benefit from any type of cure. As such, Will takes the "ALZ-113" version of his drug - still in clinical trials on chimpanzees - home to his father without the knowledge that it can be lethal to humans. By the time Rise of the Planet of the Apes is over and the credits are rolling, ALZ-113 is out in the open and running rampant throughout the world. 

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  • The Mystery Men Try To Save Captain Amazing But End Up Frying Him
    Photo: Mystery Men / Universal Pictures

    Before the 21st-century boom of superhero movies, Hollywood didn't really know what to do with comic book-inspired films. This is how we ended up with projects like Judge DreddSteel, and Mystery Men. Where many early attempts to bring superheroes to Tinseltown faltered while trying to be serious, Mystery Men was the exact opposite. The titular group of heroes is decidedly D-list in nature, and though the film does contain a few laughs, it's clear that a heroic spoof would play much better to a wide audience nowadays. Weirdly enough, Batman & Robin was released less than two years before Mystery Men, and it somehow does a better job of lampooning heroes in tights.

    One of the great moments in Mystery Men, however, is when the group of heroes accidentally kills the man they're trying to save: Greg Kinnear's Captain Amazing. The inept team breaks into the base where Geoffrey Rush's Casanova Frankenstein is holding Captain Amazing captive and comes this close to rescuing him! Sadly, they accidentally set off the "Psycho-Frakulator," which promptly fries him into goo.

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  • Hancock Derails A Train To Stop It From Hitting A Car
    Photo: Hancock / Sony Pictures Releasing

    Some Marvel fans lamented the fact that Tony Stark didn't fully go down the "Demon in a Bottle" route for Iron Man 2 back in 2010. However, anyone expecting Marvel Studios to have the hottest new superhero around go full-on alcoholic clearly doesn't understand how Hollywood filmmaking works. How many parents would want their kids dressing up as a stumbling drunkard for Halloween? Besides, if you wanted an alcoholic superhero, you got one just a few years earlier, thanks to 2008's Hancock.

    Will Smith's foray into the superhero genre feels decidedly pre-MCU and struggles with tone shifts, but it has its moments. For instance, he saves Jason Bateman from being crushed by an oncoming train. Pretty heroic stuff, right? Well, Hancock decides it would be a good idea to flip Bateman's car onto another one and stop the train in its tracks, as well. This causes all kinds of carnage, as the train is derailed while traveling at full speed. Bystanders can't help but ask why the drunk Hancock, who is essentially Superman, couldn't have just lifted the car upward? It's an extremely valid question.

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  • The Heroes Save Themselves Only To Doom The Entire Planet 
    Photo: The Cabin in the Woods / Lionsgate

    Is it considered a rescue if you're rescuing yourself? Granted, Marty saves Dana before the pair of them go down into the Facility, so that rescue attempt worked out just fine. Alas, Marty and Dana find themselves with a huge dilemma at the end of The Cabin in the Woods. Well, Dana does, at least. If Dana shoots Marty - thereby fulfilling the sacrifices necessary to appease the Ancient Ones - then everything will be peachy keen!

    She'll certainly have a life's worth of therapy ahead of her following such a harrowing ordeal, but she'll be alive. If she doesn't shoot Marty, then the entire world will be razed by the Ancient Ones. Sacrifice your friend to save the world? Or refuse to do such a thing and doom everyone? It's not a choice we'd like to make. If only Marty hadn't saved Dana in the first place... then everyone would most likely have been saved!

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  • Wanda Saves Cap From Crossbones's Bomb And Kills Numerous Bystanders In The Process
    Photo: Captain America: Civil War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    As far as tragic figures go in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Scarlet Witch just might have the saddest story of them all. It seems like she exists in a constant cycle of tragedy. Just when you think things are looking up for Wanda Maximoff, everything comes crashing back down to Earth. Case in point: the opening scene of Captain America: Civil War.

    After the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda has found herself a full-fledged member of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Not bad for a young woman who was teaming with Hydra and Ultron in the recent past. Throughout the opening scene of Civil War, she seems to fit in with the crew quite nicely. Sucking a bunch of poisonous gas out of a building safely is no joke. Things go wrong when she saves Captain America's life, though. In momentarily stopping Crossbones's suicide bomb from going off and eventually losing control of it, she causes an international incident for the Avengers. This proves to be the last straw for the team as the Sokovia Accords are forced upon them shortly thereafter.

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  • Which is a worse way to go: getting killed instantly by a Xenomorph or wasting away in agonizing pain due to their acidic blood? When things finally start to pop off in Aliens, it gets nasty fast. When you find yourself in a Xenomorph hive, things are going to go sideways. It's how the franchise works. And when our squad of Colonial Marines finds themselves surrounded by a horde of warrior Xenomorphs, well, the inevitable happens. The Marines attempt to get back to the safety of their Armored Personnel Carrier, but casualties were always going to be unavoidable. Private Drake receives the worst of it.

    A Xenomorph slithers up behind him at one point, and Vasquez tries to save him, as he doesn't see the alien coming. Vasquez does a solid job of blowing the alien to pieces, perhaps a little too solid of a job. You see, the Xenomorph is very close to Drake when Vasquez unloads on it, and the acidic blood inside its veins sprays everywhere. Drake gets his face covered in the toxic blood and that, as they say, is all she wrote for the man.

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