These Failed TV Pilots Are Bizarrely Fascinating And You Can Watch Them Online

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Plenty of shows get canceled after a single season, but others only dream of that kind of success. Some shows don't make it past the pilot, and others are canceled before they even air. But not all of them are obscure titles you've never heard of. Among the following unaired TV pilots are big-name properties, like Wonder Woman and Clerks

There are a lot of reasons these shows didn't work out, and it's not always because they're bad. Some were based on a successful movie that studios were trying to capitalize on - too early, as it turned out. Others suffered from being ahead of their time.

Whether these pilots were terrible or the world just wasn't ready for them yet, they're all fascinating in their own right.

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    'Aquaman' (2007)

    'Aquaman' (2007)
    Photo: The CW

    At the height of Smallville's success in 2006, WB took a stab at another member of the Justice League. The Aquaman pilot (originally titled Mercy Reef) actually boasted some pretty big names, including Ving Rhames, Lou Diamond Phillips, and an up-and-coming Adrianne Palicki. The show centered around Arthur Curry (Justin Hartley), a young man who discovers that he's a super-powered Atlantean just as some weird things start happening in the Bermuda triangle.

    The show's failure to launch may be due to bad timing. After WB merged with UPN to become The CW, the new management chose not to pick up Aquaman (somewhat ironic, given that the network is now bursting with DC properties). Despite some requisite cheesiness, Aquaman actually received a decent reception. In fact, The CW has even made the pilot available on iTunes. You can also watch the trailer on YouTube.

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    'Wonder Woman' (2011) 

    'Wonder Woman' (2011) 
    Photo: WB TV

    David E. Kelly, the creator of Ally McBeal, led this attempt to bring Wonder Woman back to the small screen. That might be all you need to know to understand why this 2011 pilot didn't work out. Part comedy, part drama, part social commentary, this version of Wonder Woman wasn't really sure what it wanted to be. In essence, the show struggled to find an identity.

    Adrianne Palicki plays Diana Themyscira, CEO of Themyscira Industries, who escapes the limelight under her alter ego name, Diana Prince. If that wasn't complicated enough, Themyscira Industries is a toy company that actually sells Wonder Woman dolls - something that upsets Diana. Why the CEO doesn't just tell her own company to stop manufacturing the dolls is never explained. Palicki certainly looks like Wonder Woman, but that's about the limit of the pilot's success. NBC passed on it, but you can watch it here.

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    'Heat Vision And Jack' (1999)

    'Heat Vision And Jack' (1999)
    Photo: Fox

    Heat Vision and Jack is about a man named Jack (played by Jack Black) who, through various remarkable "scientific" events, becomes a super-genius when exposed to the sun - and gets significantly dumber when the sun goes down. His roommate, meanwhile, is turned into a talking motorcycle (voiced by Owen Wilson).

    This 1999 pilot was directed by Ben Stiller and written by Dan Harmon, who went on to create the shows Community and Rick & Morty. If it sounds like gold, it's because it is - but sadly FOX passed on it. It was full of quirky humor and over-the-top ridiculousness, and it gained a cult following from the people who actually managed to watch it. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find the pilot online

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    'Korgoth Of Barbaria' (2006)

    Cartoon Network's Adult Swim boasts some truly great shows. They also have a pretty significant block of shows that are only loved by the hardcore Adult Swim fans - shows like the enigmatic Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, and Mike Tyson Mysteries. One show that didn't quite make the cut was Korgoth of Barbaria.

    While the pilot was well received (as evidenced by the petition to bring it back), the prevailing wisdom is that the show was canceled due to its high production costs. As the title suggests, Korgoth of Barbaria was a fantasy comedy, somewhat of a spoof of Conan the Barbarian. It was hyper-hedonistic in general and actually pretty fun. You can check it out in all its gory glory here.