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26 Fake Bird Pokémon We Really Wish Were Real

October 5, 2020 2.8k votes 227 voters 6.3k views26 items

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Out of all the different Pokémon styles in the franchise, one soars above them all - both literally and figuratively. Bird Pokémon are one of the coolest Pokémon around. From OG legendaries like Articuno to newer generations like Corviknight, fans can't get enough of the awesome bird-inspired Pokémon designs. Luckily, talented fan artists online are expanding the Pokédex themselves with their original Fakémon. 

Here are some of the best fan made bird Pokémon, ranked by your votes. Make sure to support all these amazing artists by following their DeviantArt and Instagram, and check out their pages to read in-depth bios about each of their Fakémon.

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