20 People Who Conned People and Pretended to Be Doctors

The relationship between a doctor and patient is a sacred trust, built on the understanding that one holds the well-being of the other in their hands. But what happens when a patient unknowingly sees a fake doctor? Sometimes, it's all too easy to con trusting patients into thinking you're a physician, especially when dealing with someone sick, poor, or desperate.

The "physicians" on this list all took advantage of their patients in some way, many through directly caring for people when they had no training, others by acting as a guru or expert. Some invented cures that didn't work, others directly slayed people through their gross incompetence and negligence. All of them have either been imprisoned, passed, or renounced for their malicious ways.

Here are the most blatant instances of quack doctors and doctor conmen pretending to be real. Read on to learn who they are, what they did, and what happened to them as a result of their actions.