Everyone On Instagram Is Obsessed With These Fake Freckles Looks

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Judging by the amount of fake freckles popping up all over Instagram, faux freckles are where it's currently at in the world of make-up and beauty. Fake freckles Instagram hosts a plethora of different ways to gather some beauty marks without ever enduring direct sunlight or a tanning bed. Perhaps you, after seeing this trend's rapid rise, want to learn how to do fake freckles in order to give your face an instant sunkissed look. Or maybe you want to start indulging in some strange celebrity beauty regiments to see what the fuss is all about. Either way, get ready to enjoy a round-up of some of the best fake freckles that hit the wonderful world of Instagram.

Here you'll find a group of ladies who perfected fake freckles makeup techniques in order to give themselves a fun summer look without having to venture beneath a single sun ray. When it comes to makeup for fake freckles, numerous fake freckle hacks exist for you to try out on yourself that are all much safer than tanning. So whether you're eager to try those fake freckle makeup tips you've been googling lately or just here to see what the trend's all about, you've come to the right place. When it comes to faux freckle Instagram looks, it all lies in the DNA: direct nose art.

Photo: celsoferrer.beauty / Instagram