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25 Fan Made Pokémon That Are Better Than A Lot Of The Real Ones

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When the original 151 Pokémon burst into public consciousness in 1996, the world went bananas. How could one possibly catch them all? Well, now there are over 800 official pocket monsters, and their ranks keep growing. Fans, too, are enhancing the Pokémon phenomenon with fan art and creations of their own, even developing their own Pokémon.

Fake Pokémon, AKA Fakemon, is a fan art phenomenon, with some wickedly talented artists making new monsters every day just for the love of the craft. You could spend weeks scrolling through page after page of Fakemon fan art, but the best is right here. From cute little cuddle-buddies to menacing monsters, the expertise on display is without question. Each serves as a constant reminder of the ever-expanding Pokémon universe, and all the different ways people make it happen.

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    Photo: silverava / DeviantArt

    Silverava wanted a red panda Fakemon, so they created one infused with lightning and a power cord in its tail. What a shockingly awesome transformation!

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    Artist Matamat, or @trainer_matz on Instagram, has created fakemon for his own region of Pokémon games called "Light" and "Dark." Fangarm is an ice/ghost wolf with a design so sick, we are deeply saddened it is a fakemon and not a real Pokémon.

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    Photo: Spookie-Sweets / DeviantArt

    Hexnya by Spookie-Sweets is so crisp and clean in its intricate design that it had to make the list. 

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    Photo: Xous54 / DeviantArt

    Xous54 birthed a BAMFY behemoth with Palisaegon. This is perhaps the most regal Fakemon out there.

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