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33 Fake Regional Variant Pokémon We Wish Were Real

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Regional variant Pokémon are species of Pokémon that have evolved and adapted to habitats they aren't originally from. They take on different appearances, types, and abilities depending on the environment of their specific region. For example, Alolan Vulpix is an Ice type regional variant that is found in Alola. While there are a few canon regional variants in the official Pokémon universe, many fans still wish to see more of them. Luckily for us, some artists on Instagram have taken it upon themselves to create their own regional variants. And they even included in-depth bios about how their Pokémon adapted to their regions. 

Here are some of the best regional variant Fakémon on the Internet, ranked by your votes. Make sure to follow these amazing artists on Instagram like artworks218_ and artese_a_grams.

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