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Unbelievable Working Titles for Blockbuster Movies

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Movies - especially highly secretive big budget blockbusters - sometimes film with fake working titles in order to hide production in plain sight. Sometimes these working titles are fun, campy, and tie into the film itself like a built-in Easter eggs, while other times they're deliberately boring just to throw people off. And sometimes, they're just nonsense titles.

They use these fake titles for a myriad of reasons. One, for the safety and secrecy of the set. If you saw a sign for a movie called Rory's First Kiss, you'd be a lot less likely to show up with a camera and telephoto lens than if the sign actually said The Dark Knight. Another reason is for security in actual movie theaters. A film canister marked Blue Harvest is much less likely to be stolen than one labeled Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Occasionally the title hasn't been decided, like with Shoeless Joe, which turned into Field of Dreams. Sometimes, inoffensive or inexplicable titles even stick!

Check out this list to see what your favorite movie might have been called during production!  These are some of the best fake titles for some of the biggest movies ever! Vote up your favorite false working titles below!
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