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Falcon and Winter Soldier Fan Theories That Prove They're The Best Duo In The MCU

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge cast of characters. Heroes like Iron Man and Captain America often receive the most fanfare (and plenty of fan theories), but some of the less-featured supers really deserve more credit. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - who share the small screen together in a show bearing their names - are definitely a pair worth paying more attention to, and fans have dug deep to create some seriously compelling fan theories about them. For example, some theorists think that the Falcon might actually be Captain America's son. Other fans have drawn a really interesting conclusion regarding the Winter Soldier's activation codes and former Soviet Union Premier Vladimir Lenin. There's even some speculation that both of these superheroes may have taken a watered-down version of the Super Soldier Serum!

If you're a fan of the MCU, check out these incredible fan theories about Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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    Bucky Became The Winter Soldier Earlier Than You Think

    From Redditor /u/TooBadF*cker:

    In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we see that Cap's childhood friend Bucky Barnes has been turned into a Hydra supersoldier, despite seeing him fall off a train into a 400-foot deep gorge in the mountains in The First Avenger. We know that Hydra went down there, fished him out, and did stuff to him. But in TFA, we see that it's before this event that this experimentation on him takes place.

    During the scene where Cap is staging his one-man rescue op, he finds Bucky strapped to a table in a lab, delirious and mumbling. This is actually when Hydra started their work on him; it was just a lucky coincidence for them that it happened to be the same guy who would fall off the train and they could pick up where they left off.

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    The Winter Soldier Chokes Out Black Widow

    From Redditor /u/Skatebass:

    Simple really, in Age Of Ultron when Black Widow has her vision, it shows someone choking her out before she taps out. I think that is Bucky Barnes, or more specifically, the Winter Soldier. That's why in Civil War when he is choking her out, she says, "don't you recognize me?" because the Winter Soldier used to help train the Red Room qualifiers.

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    The Falcon Had To Go Through G-Force Training

    From Redditor /u/88y53:

    Falcon’s flight rig brings to mind the Jetman wing suit design by Yves Rossy. So he’d need G-Force training and flexing techniques to deal with the sudden shifts in blood flow, and fly at very specific levels of elevation and speed so as to not pass out from oxygen deprivation. The wings are built out of semi-flexible carbon-fibers that can collapse and fold for increase maneuverability and storage, with miniature jet engines which give the wings proper lift for take off. His body-armor/flight suit is padded and weaved to help absorb shockwaves from explosions and high-impact.

    You can read the full theory here.

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    The Falcon Took A Light Version Of The Super Serum

    From Redditor /u/BuckyGoodHair:

    I’m guessing this has been done elsewhere and perhaps in more detail, but it occurs to me that Natasha, Clint and possibly even Rhodes in the MCU have been given some kind of watered-down “booster shot” of Erskin’s formula.

    We know SHIELD/HYDRA had created an effective at least replica of Erskin’s formula by 1991. While it didn’t give the test subjects the muscle growth Steve got in ‘41, it certainly accelerated metabolism, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, stamina and healing time (see Bucky).

    If scientists continued tweaking that formula from 1991 to 2010, let’s say Widow joined SHIELD in 2005 and proved herself over the next 5 years until earning her Stark assignment (her film will likely clarify when she started with SHIELD, so this start date can be moved). With the emergence of Iron Man, the thawing of Cap, arrival of Thor and mutation of Banner, Natasha and Clint might’ve required chemical help to effectively work. There’s no way Clint’s hand-eye coordination is naturally that good, and it would explain why they can take more of a beating on the battlefield than your regular human sack of meat and water should.

    You can read the full theory here.

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