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The Ludicrously Brutal Story Of House Targaryens' Rise And Fall

While Daenerys has always been a prominent character on Game of Thrones, in truth, we've seen little of the rest of the Targaryen clan. We've seen the Mad King, Aerys II, in brief flashbacks, ranting about burning them all. We saw eldest brother Rhaegar in profile as he married Lyanna Stark. In Season 1, we saw Viserys threaten to release the dragon until Khal Drogo poured a molten gold "crown" over his head. Mostly, we've been told that Daenerys is the sole member of a family that has rightful claim to the Iron Throne—or so she thinks.

But if you look to the books by George R. R. Martin, as well as the accompanying companion pieces that go into the history of the Seven Kingdoms, fans are treated to a much more detailed look at the history of House Targaryen. So, let's learn everything we need to know about the Targaryens, how they came to be the most powerful dynasty in Westeros, and why they are struggling to regain power today.