Fans Are Pointing Out Cool Details From The 'Fallout' Series That We Never Noticed Before

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The Fallout franchise has been around since the first game dropped on the PC back in 1997. Thanks to some serious updates and upgrades by the folks at Bethesda, the franchise managed to come out of the fallout shelter with an exceptionally new title in 2008 — an entire decade since the last entry hit store shelves. One of the best aspects of any Fallout game is the rich history and lore spread throughout, and there are some pretty cool details to be found.

While the franchise has plenty of fans who have beaten every game more than once, there's still plenty of ingenious details that make the games play like a video game movie. There are plenty of people who find interesting things while playing a Fallout game, but only a few take the time to share their findings online.

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    The Area 51 Signs In 'Fallout' Are Identical To The Signs IRL

    From a now-deleted Redditor:

    Area 51 in Fallout has the same warning signs that the real-life Area 51 has.

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    Securitrons In 'Fallout: New Vegas' Actively Try To Remove Graffiti

    From Redditor u/ChirurgeonCrane:

    Fallout: New Vegas: 2,000 hours of playtime and just now noticed this event on the strip where it appears securitrons are trying to remove graffiti.

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    The Rotary Phones In 'Fallout 3' Have Wireless Handsets

    From Redditor u/LyadhkhorStrategist:

    The most Fallout thing ever — the rotary phones have wireless handsets.

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    The Sacrificial Chamber In 'Fallout: New Vegas' Is Full Of Poorly-hidden Bloodstains

    From Redditor u/The_Last_Boy_Scout:

    In Fallout: New Vegas, the Vault 11 Sacrificial Chamber is full of shoddily concealed bloodstains.

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    You'll Experience Some Interesting Dialogue If You Reach An Unreachable NPC In 'Fallout 3'

    From Redditor u/EzioAudacity:

    In Fallout 3, an unreachable NPC has unique dialogue if you use console commands to talk to him.

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    Legion Centurions' Armor In 'Fallout: New Vegas' Is Comprised Of Their Defeated Enemies' Armor

    Legion Centurions' Armor In 'Fallout: New Vegas' Is Comprised Of Their Defeated Enemies' Armor
    Photo: Bethesda / Reddit

    From Redditor u/Falloutfan2281:

    In Fallout: New Vegas, Legion Centurions have actual pieces of other in-game armor taken from factions they’ve defeated in battle.

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