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No - Chester Bennington Was Not Murdered As Part Of Some Secret Pedophile Ring

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The Internet can be a beautiful thing, but when a strange, conspiracy theory-level rumor takes off, it can rear its ugly head. This latest theory is both disturbing and incredibly not true. Since Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington committed suicide on July 20, a rumor popped up on the Internet that his death wasn't self inflicted. Some say Bennington was murdered because he was about to expose a pedophilia ring, and that his good friend Chris Cornell - who committed suicide in May - was also murdered for the same reason.

While this claim, just on the surface, is incredibly crazy - and there is absolutely no evidence to back it up - it hasn't stopped the conspiracy theorists of the Internet from spreading it like wildfire. So let's break it down for you: Bennington's death wasn't part of some secret pedophile ring he and Cornell were trying to stop.

  • A Fake News Website Posted An Article About A Secret Pedophile Ring And People Believed It

    Photo: Kristina_Servant / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    As if tragically dying from suicide wasn't enough, a fake news website called "YourNewsWire" posted an article saying authorities were investigating Bennington's and Cornell's deaths as homicides. In the article, the author cites "police sources." The only person they name in the report is a man by the name of Randy Cody, an amateur investigative blogger. It asserts the musicians were murdered and then their bodies were staged to look like suicides because they were going to expose a secret child pedophile ring, possibly related to the debunked "pizza gate."

    Except police never said that. In fact, medical examiners from Detroit and Los Angeles - where Cornell and Bennington died, respectively - have released reports online outlining their causes of death. Both agencies classified the deaths as suicides. 

    • The Pedophile Ring They Were Allegedly Going To Uncover Is Fake

      Photo: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons

      The child pedophile ring they were allegedly going to uncover is the same one theorists connected Hillary Clinton to during the 2016 election. That pedophile ring - sometimes referred to as Pizzagate - is not real and never existed. Conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones was the originator (or, at the very least, a huge perpetuator) of the mainstream Pizzagate sham. 

      Essentially, the theory boils down to a secret pedophile ring operating out of a Washington D.C., pizza shop. One of its main backers included Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta. Jones implied Clinton was in on this pedophile ring, despite there being zero evidence to support the claim. At the pizza shop itself there were no children, no pedophilia, and not even a shred of evidence to prove any sort of related activity was going on there. Jones himself later backed down from the Pizzagate theory, saying the owner of the restaurant and the staff "were never involved in any human trafficking as was part of the theories about Pizzagate."

      • So How Did These Two Rockers Even Get Intwined With This?

        Photo: eldh / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

        Apparently, the investigator named by "YourNewsWire" is conspiracy theorist blogger Randy Cody. He is an amateur sleuth - not an official source. According to him, there was "evidence" Cornell was murdered because of the foundation he and his wife started to help children. He said the Detroit police were investigating his death as a homicide, though the police denied that. When Bennington - a good friend of Cornell's - committed suicide on Cornell's birthday, other conspiracy theorists linked the two to Pizzagate.

        Blogger Baxter Dimitry said he believed the theory was true and wrote the article on YourNewsWire, which quickly went viral. Other "causes" Dimitry has taken up: pedophile cops who are involved in the Illuminati and bacteria that cures ADD.