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The Best Animal-Style Comics From 'False Knees' Comics

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False Knees creator Joshua Barkman started creating comics around 2011. A friend of his ran a student newspaper, and Barkman wanted to contribute art to it. Unlike some other animal comics creators, he didn't always use super-realistic animals in his work. Humans were previously his main subjects; the artist noted in a 2017 interview:

Animals are way more fun to draw than me! It also gives me a chance to play on people's expectations of common North American city animals. We share our space with these creatures who go largely forgotten (or worse: deemed "pests"), and I like the idea of giving them a voice. Even if it's the voice of a 20-something, white, human man.

Now, False Knees is well-known all over the world, not just in Canada - Barkman's home country. His ironic webcomics will make you suspect animals are way more introspective than humans.