Myths You Always Believed That Are Actually 100% False  

Nathan Gibson
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Modern humans have access to more information than ever, yet there are still plenty of things you believe that aren't true. Even with the Internet, smartphones, and vast amounts of books, a ton of myths you believed that are false have persisted through the ages. These old wives' tales have continued to be passed down through generations, despite the readily-available contradictory evidence.

Whether the misinformed beliefs involve history or science, the amount of untrue things you thought were fact is staggering. There will almost certainly be some myths in this article that you have never questioned.

Hopefully, this will be a chance to correct some misconceptions, and to reveal why the myths have prevailed, despite being debunked a long time ago.

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Humans Only Have Five Senses
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Photo: Garretttaggs55/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the most widely believed myths is that people only have five senses. It is taught to children in school, and has been implanted into the psyche of the public.

The truth is far more complicated. Adding to the usual list of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell, researchers argue that there could be as many as 14 senses in total. These include the ability to sense where your body parts are (even when your eyes are closed), as well as the ability to distinguish between different temperatures.

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Different Parts Of The Tongue Correspond To Different Tastes
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CC0 1.0

The tongue map was something that many people were taught while in school. It proposed that different areas of the tongue were used to detect distinctive tastes such as sweet and sour.

Even though the diagram was proven false decades ago, a significant number of people continue to believe the myth. The truth is that the tongue is covered in receptors, all of which are capable of detecting various tastes. No one part of the tongue is used specifically for certain tastes.

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Swimming After Eating Food Will Cause Cramps
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Photo:  via Pexels

A general rule that many people have followed well into adulthood is that you should never swim just after eating food. The reasoning is that doing so increases chance of cramps, which could potentially lead to drowning.

After consuming food, people often wait up to an hour to return to the pool or ocean. The only problem is that there is no evidence that suggests swimming just after eating causes cramps. On the contrary, there is such little risk that professional endurance swimmers will even eat while in the water.

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Bats Are Blind And Rely Solely On Sonar
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Photo: Anton 17/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

The belief that bats are completely blind has become so widespread that the saying “blind as a bat” is common throughout the English-speaking world. This rumor was probably spawned from the understanding that bats use sonar to navigate in the dark.

Despite having sophisticated sonar systems, no species of bat is completely blind. On the contrary, many have excellent eyesight and rely on other senses to complement their vision, rather than replace it.

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