12 Projects That Were Just Excuses For Actors To Work With Their Kids

"Nepotism Casting." It's an ugly phrase, but it has been quite apt from time to time to describe certain casting choices in Hollywood - we're looking at you, Francis Ford Coppola. Casting your daughter as a major role in The Godfather Part III? How did that work out for you, my man? And while "Nepotism Casting" is a term that clearly has negative connotations - it has "nepotism" in it, after all - not all of these decisions work out poorly. Sometimes, getting the family to work on a film together works out well in the end!

For every After Earth, there is a Paper Moon; for every Rocky V, there is a The Year of Spectacular Men. And while some projects just reek of an excuse for actors to work with their kids, others come out the other side unscathed. Besides, wouldn't you try to work with your family on a daily basis if you could? Okay, maybe everyone doesn't love their family that much, but being away from your kids to make a film has to be hard.