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Which 'Family Guy' Character Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Seth MacFarlane's animated sitcom Family Guy is either an American treasure or cultural catastrophe, depending on how you look at it. Since its debut in 1999, Family Guy has flooded cable TV with offensive jokes and referential cutaway gags

There are many horrible, yet relatable characters in the show's cast of eclectic and colorful personalities. Whether you empathize with Peter Griffin's moody insecurity, vibe with Quagmire's lust for life (and sex), or enjoy plotting along with Stewie's thirst for vengeance, there's a little bit of Family Guy in everyone - and your zodiac sign can help you figure out which character is your long-lost TV twin. 

Family Guy characters matched with zodiac signs will celestially align you with your kindred Quahog spirit, instantly exposing your best and worst qualities (and explaining why you always wear the same pink beanie).

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    Joe Swanson is an outspoken cop who still flexes his macho bod (and personality) despite being a paraplegic. Like a blazing Aries, Joe never backs down from a challenge; he is always determined to rise to the top. Plus, it doesn't matter what life throws at him. Whether it's fighting off armed little people or leading the company baseball team to victory, Joe doesn't let anyone or anything stand in his way.

    Though heroic and a loyal friend, Joe often lets loose his unapologetic anger issues. He's got an intense and proud ego. If anyone dares to belittle him, he's quick to flip into a blind rage.

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    Tauruses take the cake as the most stubborn zodiac sign. Similar to Lois Griffin, a Taurus is an impenetrable powerhouse. Creatures of routine, Tauruses will consistently ensure everything is in check. They value stability and security, which matches perfectly with Lois, a caring mom and a loving wife.

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  • Masters of communication, Geminis are inventive and expressive. Chris Griffin may seem inept when it comes to matters like mathematics, but his artistry makes up for his lack of book smarts. Geminis excel in creative spaces, and Chris proves his artistic ingenuity has no bounds - remember when he almost made it as a famous painter in New York?

    While Geminis are original and charming, they're also easily distracted - their minds are constantly wandering. They can also appear judgemental and rude, which makes sense since Chris doesn't hold back his insults.

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    Featuring a tough exterior paired with a soft and squishy interior, the celestial crab of the zodiac tends to exude a brash personality. Cancers need to establish an emotional barrier to prevent their sensitivity and insecurities from overflowing.

    For example, Peter Griffin doesn't have much to offer regarding intellect, but he endeavors to compensate for his lack of brainpower by proving his masculinity. He hates being wrong in any argument with Lois and views disagreements as challenges. Whenever he's right, he feels the need to boast excessively.

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