22 Hidden References You Never Noticed in Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane is best known for his sense of humor, as well as the way he incorporates pop culture references into everything he writes. However, perhaps his greatest achievement has been the longevity of Family Guy, which has remained a fixture in pop culture ever since it premiered in 1999. There's also plenty of other shows like Family Guy.

Much like his other projects, Family Guy has a ton of hidden references and Easter eggs scattered throughout each episode. While some of the references are super obvious, there are a handful that proved just how clever MacFarlane could be with his pop culture jokes.We've put together a list of MacFarlane's greatest hidden Easter Eggs in Family Guy - see if you can remember all of them! 

Whether it be a reference to one of the show's most memorable creative voices, a hidden callback to a previous joke from seasons ago, hidden characters from other MacFarlane projects, or timely jokes and plot lines, here are some of the most well-hidden references and Easter eggs featured throughout every episode of Family Guy up until this point!