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Family Halloween Costume Ideas For 2020

August 28, 2020 249 votes 30 voters16 items

From ghosts and ghouls to superheroes and princesses, group Halloween costumes are fun for the whole family. The best family Halloween costumes allow each member of the family to showcase their personality. Some cute family Halloween costumes or 2020 are inspired by movies while other family Halloween costumes are of famous monsters.

Disney family Halloween costumes are always popular and this year characters from Mulan are sure to be a big hit. The sibling superheroes of The Umbrella Academy or the stars of Trolls World Tour are also great family costume ideas for 2020.

Families with teens and young children can dress up like the Kims or the Parks from Parasite while families with toddlers can always find inspiration down on Sesame Street.

Which Halloween costumes do you like for your family? Vote up your favorites!

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    Peanuts Characters

    Does choosing a family costume make you want to say, "Good grief?" Find inspiration in the classic Peanuts cartoon and its latest incarnation on Apple TV+, Snoopy in Space.

    What You'll Need: A yellow shirt with a black zigzag for Charlie Brown, a blue dress for Lucy, dog costume for Snoopy, and bird costume for Woodstock. Add Linus and Sally for more family fun.

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      The Trolls from 'Trolls World Tour'

      When it comes to family fun, it doesn't get much better than dressing up as the characters from Trolls World Tour for a colorful trick-or-treat outing.

      What You'll Need: Bright clothing and big colorful hair. Bring along a toy microphone or guitar to share some favorite songs from the film.

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        Star Wars Characters

        Bring the fashion from a galaxy far far away to your neighborhood Halloween party with Jedi-inspired looks for the whole family. With three sets of trilogies and fantastic characters in all of them, you'll have your pick of costumes to match each family member.

        What You'll Need: Robes, belts, and Princess Leia's classic hair buns. Add Yoda to the mix with some green face paint ant big ears or venture over to the dark side with a storm trooper uniform.

          Fun for the whole family?
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          Mystery Inc. members from 'Scoob!'

          The Mystery Inc. gang is always great family costume and with Scoob! now streaming on Apple TV+, it's more relevant than ever.

          What You'll Need: Dog costume, wigs, scarfs and purple, green, orange, and white tops. Zoinks!!

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