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Family Halloween Costume Ideas For 2020

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From ghosts and ghouls to superheroes and princesses, group Halloween costumes are fun for the whole family. The best family Halloween costumes allow each member of the family to showcase their personality. Some cute family Halloween costumes or 2020 are inspired by movies while other family Halloween costumes are of famous monsters.

Disney family Halloween costumes are always popular and this year characters from Mulan are sure to be a big hit. The sibling superheroes of The Umbrella Academy or the stars of Trolls World Tour are also great family costume ideas for 2020.

Families with teens and young children can dress up like the Kims or the Parks from Parasite while families with toddlers can always find inspiration down on Sesame Street.

Which Halloween costumes do you like for your family? Vote up your favorites!

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    DC Characters

    From Superman to Batgirl, DC Comics has the perfect character costume for every member of the family.

    What You'll Need: Blue bodysuit and red cape for Superman or black everything – including a mask – for Batman.

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      The Avengers

      The Avengers
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      Share your family's superpowers by trick-or-treating as The Avengers this Halloween. Be sure to represent Black Widow as her stand alone movie is dropping this fall.

      What You'll Need: For Black Widow get yourself a red wig and black bodysuit. Hulk can be achieved with some green body paint and torn shorts. Mix and match whichever characters are the favorites of your family.

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        Vampire Family

        A family of vampires is a fang-tastic idea this and every Halloween. And this year, why not put a new spin on things and dress as the misfit roommates in FX's What We Do In The Shadows.

        What You'll Need: If you're going as Guillermo: glasses and a sweater vest. For the rest, it's simle dark old-fashioned clothing, white face paint, and fangs, unless you're going as Colin, in which case: business casual.

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        • Cats
          Photo: Cats / Universal Pictures

          According to the critics, Cats was one of the scariest movies of 2019. Spook your friends and neighbors with a family costume inspired by Bustopher Jones and company.

          What You'll Need: Gray, brown, or black sweatsuits, tales, ears, and face paint.

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