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Halloween Costumes For Families With A Baby

Updated 5 Nov 2019 286 votes 11 voters32 items

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If you're on the search for family costume ideas with infant inclusion, then you're just struck gold. This list has the best family Halloween costume ideas complete with characters for your new baby. Cause what's cuter than a baby dressed up in an adorable costume? An adorably costumed baby with matching parents, that's what. Here you'll find a ton of family costume ideas that shamelessly capitalize on the cuteness of your bundle of joy. 

From iconic TV and movie characters to hilarious pop culture references, you're sure to find something that will put you at the top of the best costume list. Got a great costume idea for a couple or single parent with a baby? Feel free to add that beautiful brainstorm to the list and be sure to vote for your favorites as we attempt to uncover the best family and baby costumes of all time.

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