Halloween Costumes For Families With A Toddler

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Looking for a toddler family costume idea that will incorporate your little one? Look no further. Here you'll find a collection of the best family costumes with toddler sidekicks in tow. Now that they're walking, your toddler's costume options have expanded into a whole new world of cuteness. These funny family costume ideas will make this Halloween with your kid epic by outfitting you with tons of hilarious ideas to get your creative gears going. You'll find family costumes inspired by the best of pop culture - some of which your toddler may understand better than you do. 

Whether you're looking for hilarious, classic, or irreverent Halloween costume ideas you're sure to find something there that's perfect for you and fun for the whole family. From single mom or dad with toddler costumes to multi-parent families with little ones, we've got a little something for everyone. Be sure to vote up your favorites and feel free to add any brilliant ideas you may have that haven't already made the list! 

If your little one isn't walking yet, then check out this list of family costumes that include your baby.

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    Jurassic Park Trainers with Baby Raptor

  • 2
    5 votes

    Graham Cracker & Hershey Bar with Marshmallow

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    Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia with Ewok

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    The Wicked Witch & Dorothy with a Flying Monkey

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    Finn & Rey with BB8

  • 6
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    Sully & Mike from Monsters Inc. with Boo