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The Family Matters Cast: Where Are They Now?

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If you were a kid in the '90s, you were probably watching Steve Urkel and his clumsy, nerdy character getting into mischief with the Winslows on Family Matters. The show, which aired for nine seasons from 1989 to 1998, had 215 episodes in which the characters made audiences laugh and cry during their Friday prime time slot. Decades have passed since the show went off the air, and the stars have moved on with their lives. But what are they up to these days?

We're taking a look back on the beloved sitcom that was a staple in ABC's TGIF lineup to see what the actors who portrayed Urkel, Carl, Eddie, 3J, Waldo, and others have been up to. If you're looking to dip into more nostalgia, find out what the stars of Full House, That '70s Show, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air have been up to as well.

  • Eddie Winslow

    Photo: ABC
    Carl and Harriette's only son, Eddie is a typical teenage boy whose main interests center on cars, girls, and pulling pranks on other boys his age. A mediocre student, his judgment is not the best and frequently lands him in trouble. As the series progresses, Eddie gains maturity and comes to his father for guidance and advice.
  • Darius McCrary

    Outside of Family Matters, McCrary was probably best known for his role as Scam in the 1987 comedy Big Shots. He still acts and has added singing to his resume, releasing his first album in 2011. McCrary voiced Jazz in Transformers, played the FBI commander in Hostage, and portrayed Dave in Saw VI. He also had a recurring role on Anger Management

    In March of 2015, McCrary was arrested in Oakland, California for owing thousands of dollars in child support. He was given the options of paying $5,500 or spending some time in jail. He chose to pay the court and was released the same day.

  • Steve Urkel

    Photo: ABC

    Originally slated to appear in just one episode, Urkel ended up becoming the most popular character on the show. With catch phrases like, "Did I do thaaa~t?" and "Look what you did!" Urkel became one of the most iconic (and at times, most irritating) characters in television history. Here's just a brief taste of Urkel.

  • Jaleel White

    Thankfully, Urkel's high-pitched, screechy voice wasn't White's actual voice. When Family Matters ended, he starred on the UPN series, Grown Ups, and later attended UCLA, where he graduated with a degree in film and television. He continued his acting career with guest appearances on House, Psych, and Boston Legal. White was part of the 2012 lineup on Dancing with the Stars. He is 43 years old and has one daughter